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What is Forex?

Forex is a commonly used abbreviation for foreign exchange, even if there is no central
marketplace for the forex markets, we can describe the forex markets as the place where currencies are traded.
So the question is, why do people trade currencies?
There are so many reasons behind it and we will see all of them during the course.
Who should learn Forex Trading?
Everyone should Learn Forex Trading. Forex Trading is suitable for everyone and requires fewer resources to get start and also offers high flexibility in terms of time.
What will you learn in the Basic course?

Day 1
1. Introducing to Types of Business
2. Financial Market & Forex Market
3. What is Forex ?
4. History of Foreign Exchange Market
5. Currencies & Commodities
6. Introducing to Trading Sessions
7. Two Ways Market & How to Trade
8. Introducing MT5
9. Trading with Demo Account
Day 2
1. Introducing to Forex Terms
2. Learning Spread , Commission , Margin , Margin Level % , Leverage , Swap , …
3. Pips & Profit/Loss Calculation
4. Basic of Risk Management
5. Live Trading with Demo Account
Day 3
1. Learning about Brokers & Regulators
2. Introducing to Regulator
3. Dealing Desk & Non-Dealing Desk Brokers
4. How a broker works & what services they provide ?
5. How to choose a trusted broker ?
6. Introducing to Analysis & Future Market
7. Technical Analysis
8. Basic Technicals Indicators
9. Trading with Moving Average , Parabolic Sar , RSI , MACD
10. How to set TP/SL with Risk-Reward Ratio
11. Introducing to Basic Candle-Sticks
12. Chart Analysis & Timeframes
Day 4

1. Discussion & Revision
2. Certification of Forex Trading Basic Course