King Of Future


King of Future Consultant Co.,Ltd have been Forex and Stock Market business advisor for over 5 years.
We would like to explain about Investment service, one of our services provided by King of Future Consultant Co.,Ltd.

  • You can invest at least 1,000,000 MMK.
  • No matter how much you invest, you will get 15% of your investment every month.
  • You will receive 15% of your monthly investment (capital + profit) for 12 months (1 year).
  • Monthly investment profits will be transferred to the bank account registered by the investor between 1st to 7th start of the every month.
  • Our company also inform with email and phone to investors so that they don’t have to worry about wasting time and money when transferred monthly profits.
  • Our Investment plan have No risk.
  • Client and company have to sign a strong contract with witnesses, so that client can trust 100% on our Investment plan.